Song of the Day: “Never Know” 6LACK

DISCLAIMER: This post is rooted in opinion, and these are just my thoughts on the song!

Tribal, wooden flutes whisper and siren into the wind. Here, we see a man bound to servitude. Chains hit the ground in an industrial setting and the snare comes in prominently. The man is walking when, suddenly, he is tumulted from the bolts and gears of the factory into a bright, colorful tunnel, rushing downward, arms flailing circularly to the beat. The snare disappears and comes back as a reversed sound clip. The man begins to scream, but it sounds like a Gregorian chant. The man steps into a world in which he’s free.

Thinking bout a whip and man I might just cop the drop/
Just so they could think I’m friendly when I’m not/
Arm out the window like yessir…

6LACK is talking about doing a “cop drop” by dropping his cell when a cop drives by to appear friendlier, although he’s a drug dealer. He does it for his girl, his friends, and his baby on the way, and he doesn’t want it to change him. 6LACK (Ricardo Valentine) currently has a daughter named Syx Rose Valentine as of the end of February 2017, so the reference to the baby seems autobiographical.66lac6LACK’s flows are smooth and integral throughout his entire debut album, FREE 6LACK, which includes “Never Know.” Below is an example of how 6LACK takes consonants and vowels and blends them like oil paint on a canvas.

I don’t fear no man or no object
Bullfighter, I’ve been working on my sidestep
I know preparation gets you through the process
Look at all the progress

The hook is super universal in my opinion…

I ain’t have nobody there, so I had to tell myself when to go / If I was waiting on you to tell me then I would never know.

I like to think it means that he has no one, so he has to use self-motivation and push himself to be better.

This song has been stuck inside my head so I thought I’d get it out! ❤

Thanks for reading, bunnies!




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